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Photo printing and framing has changed over the years and today we have the option of printing and framing almost anything with full customization. five one nine prints & frames is excited to be opening on Main Street in Zurich, Ontario, Canada to provide personalized printing and custom framing services locally and across North America.

Our design team will work with you from start to finish to find the most personalized and professional way to display your items such as family photos, artwork, sport jerseys or memorabilia.

As well as printing and framing, five one nine prints & frames offers design and customization services for the home, special events or the office. Creating invitations, stationery, photo albums and more.


Please feel free to contact us for more of if you have any questions. Thank you.

Who We Are

A little background on who is behind the scenes at five one nine prints & frames.

Nick Haberer


Welcome to five one nine prints & frames. My name is Nick Haberer and I am the owner of five one nine prints & frames. I was born and raised in Zurich and I continue to live here raising my 4 sons with my wife Mary.

My background is in the Funeral Services business where I am a 3rd generation supplier (Haberers Inc) and licensed Funeral Director. In 2015 I started exploring applications of print and personalization to progressive funeral directors in local funeral homes. The concept continued to grow as did our facilities and production capabilities. In 2016 I was approached by my supplier of picture frames to invest in their business as they worked towards retirement. This business was primarily production wholesale framing for funeral homes and distributors across Canada and the US. In 2018 I was approached by Glen Baillie from Grand Bend with an interest in selling his custom framing business. This acquisition has given us a much wider range of products and expertise as well as the ability to offer retail services.

Although you may not often see me when you come into the shop on 53 Main Street, know that I am working hard behind the scenes to make sure that your printing and custom framing products are being produced to meet the highest level of quality and care that our team can achieve.

My focus with the business will be overseeing production, managing wholesale accounts and developing new business. Should you need to reach me for any reason please contact me directly at 519-280-1255.

Thank you again for your interest in five one nine prints & frames.

Winona Bailey

Creative Lead & Designer

My name is Winona Bailey and I am the Creative Lead & Designer for five one nine prints & frames. In 2010 I obtained my Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Western Ontario in Bioarchaological Anthropology, Criminology and Classical Studies. I spent my time after university working as a Public Relations & Brand Ambassador which allowed me to apply my anthropological knowledge and grow my graphic design, marketing and advertising skills. In 2017, I joined Haberers, Inc. as the graphic designer.


I currently live in Zurich with my partner Jason, two dogs Mage and Hades and Bugsly my Flemish giant rabbit. I am an avid photographer and artist. I find art and photography as a way to explore the world and find the stories in the places in-between and on the path less traveled.

five one nine prints & frames gives me a way to take my passion for art, photography and story telling to help others create and share theirs. I am responsible for the creative marketing, advertising and graphic design for the business. I will be there to assist you to create your personalized products from start to finish. I can be reached at the shop at 519-236-4143 or by email at info@fiveonenineprintsandframes.com.

Lisa Steffler


My name is Lisa Steffler and I am assisting with the production for five one nine prints & frames. I was born and raised in Huron County in a family with four brothers and currently live in Zurich.

In 2010 I obtained my diploma in Graphic Design from Conestoga College which lead me to a position at a small book publishing house in the Niagara Region; learning and growing in my knowledge of book production and applying my Graphic Design skills to a variety of projects. Feeling a bit homesick for Huron County I left the Niagara Region for a position closer to home in an unconventional job that allowed me to hone in on my skills with a chainsaw while developing my computer skills in programming (CNC) and producing a variety of  marketing material to support the sales team. In 2019, I joined the five one nine team to assist with production of their many products and give Nick a few extra minutes to spend with his family.


When I am not working, you will find me with my blonde labradoodle named Lewis or going to unique museums with my husband Adam.

You may occasionally see me at the shop on 53 Main Street, but I will mostly be hiding behind the scenes crafting and checking for quality on the products we offer. If you have questions about production or a quality concern, we’d love to hear from you and will be happy to answer your questions. You can contact me at production@fiveoneninepf.com.

Where We Are

53 Main Street, Unit B,  Zurich, Ontario, Canada

The Green Door

Located east of Lake Huron on Highway 84, Zurich is a small village rich in local heritage and culture with many unique businesses and memorable events. Each year Zurich hosts a Country Fair, Bean Festival and Car Show, Village Wide Yard Sale and Christmas Parade. Find out more about Zurich at www.zurichontario.com.

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five one nine prints & frames

53 Main Street, Unit B, Zurich, Ontario, Canada N0M 2T0

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