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Advantages of Custom Framing

Framed pieces can enhance personal interests, tell a family history or celebrate special events. A properly custom framed item can define and coordinate schemes of a space at the same time highlighting the piece itself through dominant colours, matboards and moulding styles. A professional framer can assist you in selecting a frame, mat and colour schemes that will match your space, highlight your memories and preserve your artwork.

With hundreds of moulding styles and colours of matboard the combinations can be limitless. When framing your piece take into consideration the composition, dominant colour, temperature and the style of the piece.

Frame moulding styles can either highlight your piece or distract depending on what you are framing. Ornate frame mouldings complement a classical artwork. Streamlined mouldings in solid colors enhance compositions with a modern feel. Rustic compositions are accented by wood mouldings. Contemporary artwork is best framed by flat or box mouldings. Canvas prints need a deeper moulding or a floater frame.

Jerseys and memorabilia items are best display in a shadow box that has a deep interior for composing multiple items.

Another advantage of custom framing is that you have the ability to read the piece which is unique to you and is open to interpretation. Framing is an art itself and it is unlikely two people are going to interpret a piece with the same perspective. Each piece will have its own set of parameters that with a custom frame it gives you the opportunity to enhance and add your own interpretation to the original piece.

Prints, artworks and memorabilia tell a story and by adding a custom frame you can add to the script and create a new chapter. *

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